Maternova: Seeking Opportunity

Our case studies finished, as a studio we all began another part of our semester long journey, this time, either as groups or individuals. We searched for opportunities to design on behalf of our ventures.

In my case, I began to design and brainstorm on behalf of Maternova. I searched for opportunities for growth, improvement, and/or expansion both directly related to Maternova, and directly related to the predicament of maternal mortality.

Maternova is a wildly successful venture for it’s young age, so at first this task was an intimidating one.  How might I improve Maternova? Maternova has already received great acclaim via awards from the UN, Bloomberg, and Palo Alto Software. Maternova has done just about as well as any venture might hope to do in its first few years. Knowing very little about business or maternal health, I wondered what opportunities I might find that Meg and Allyson had not already considered and/or implemented.

I started my brainstorming journey with various possibilities in mind.

Meg and Allyson had expressed interest in growing or innovating in the following areas:

  • Creation of an expanded clean birth kit with an infant carrier and extra cloth for use in locations where access to textiles is scarce.
  • Branding for the new nonprofit, Maternova Research
  • Revamped package design
  • Clearly telling the story of Maternova. According to Allyson, “people have a hard time understanding what we do”.
  • Creating empathy. Many westerners are unaware of the magnitude of the maternal mortality cause.

My first thought, independent of Meg and Allyson’s list of opportunities, was that Maternova could potentially be more proactive in their marketing. Via connection with related organizations, partners, and professionals, perhaps Maternova could reach out to potential new clients, rather than clients reaching out to them. I considered the creation of a network that might increase awareness among pregnant mothers-to-be in developed countries. Maybe if we share information in the right way at the right time we could increase awareness. Maybe if we reached out to travelers who were going to some of the countries that were most direly in need of help, they could take goods to clinics or villages in need. Perhaps obstetrician’s offices in the developed world would be interested in posting awareness flyers. Maybe if more people were aware of the magnitude of the problem, and aware that Maternova exists to alleviate the problem, new opportunities for growth would arise, and more lives would be saved.

This is where my search for opportunity started.


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