Maternova: Providing Access to Life Saving Innovations


Prior to the founding of Maternova, many life saving tools and devices existed and were affordable, but remained unknown or unattainable from a developing country’s perspective.

Organizations, health care workers, governments, innovators, hospitals, midwives, obstetricians, designers, and engineers often worked within separate bubbles that didn’t overlap much – even if they were attending to the same predicament. Communication was inadequate all the way around. No one was stepping in to bridge the gap… until Meg Wirth founded Maternova.

The idea seems so simple now: Let the people who need the innovations know about the innovations. Let the people who want to help know that there are tools out there they can use to make a difference, then give those people access to those tools.

Meg Wirth started out with an idea, a dream, an inkling. Something had to be done. She had seen firsthand the perils of birth in the developing world, and she knew how penetrable the barriers were. So Meg set out to break down the unecessary barriers that stood between knowledge and those who were in a position to apply it in the name of saving mothers’ lives.

In 2009 Maternova was born in the name of breaking down the barriers that stood between hundreds of thousands of mothers… and the safe birth of their child.


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