Maternova: Mission & System


In the beginning, Maternova functioned based on 2 elements:

  • The Innovation Network
  • The Obstetric Kit

These elements – one a network, and one a product – directly addressed 2 basic problems that if alleviated, could curb the maternal mortality rate:

  • Lack of access to information about products and systems that support safe childbirth
  • Lack of access to products that support safe childbirth

The innovation network provided users with information about relevant tools, products, and systems that were either existing or in development. The obstetric kit was affordable and available online, so anyone anywhere in the world had access to it.

Over time, Maternova expanded into a three-tier system rather than a single network / product based system. This is the Maternova of today. The three tiers are as follows:

  • The Innovation Network: Provides information about new and upcoming innovations, products, and systems
  • The E-Commerce Marketplace: Provides 29 maternal and infant care products for international purchase and shipping
  • The Collaboration Network: Provides a base for discussion, exchange, and connection around maternal mortality and tools that save mothers’ lives

You can see in the diagram below that each component of Maternova’s system – which functions through Maternova’s website – has various subcomponents. All together, these create a system that has made Maternova one of the most effective and well-known organizations working toward curbing the maternal mortality rate.




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