Making Contact: Maternova


Out of the 6 organizations presented by SVPRI, I chose to work with Maternova, an internationally active non-profit organization that provides technology and devices to mothers and infants with the goal of preventing birth-relate fatalities.

Maternova describes its purpose as follows:

“We make it easy for doctors, nurses and midwives and the organizations that equip them to track innovation and to buy technologies and kits to use overseas. Our focus is on tools and protocols that save lives in childbirth. We will accelerate the speed at which better, faster, cheaper technologies and ideas are made accessible through a pioneering, efficient-commerce marketplace.”

As a team, myself, Stephanie Roh, and David Eisenbery will research and compile information about Maternova, including opportunities for growth or re-examination, which we will present at the SEEED Conference at Brown University on April 26th.

We are to converge with Maternova for our first meeting this week.

In my introduction to Meg, the founder of Maternova, I described my personal interest and background as related to the purpose of her organization:

Who am I? Why am I interested in working with Maternova?

I’m a 32-year old new graduate student with an academic background in Architecture, Anthropology, Latin American Studies, and French language. I have a special interest in international work with purpose and have traveled extensively. I speak French and Spanish. I hope to work internationally to solve pressing problems in both the first- and third-world. I come from Asheville, North Carolina in the Carolinian Appalachian Mountains in which midwifery is prominent. I have lived with doulas and midwives in more than one country, and my last home doubled as a classroom from time to time for The Matrona, a midwifery school run by Whappio Diane Bartlett:!__m-faculty. My mother is a vice president of Arkansas Children’s Hospital. My exposure to children’s health issues and issues unique to medical administration began early and has continued throughout my life.

I would like to make a difference via design by applying creative and powerful problem-solving techniques to urgent real world problems. Maternova fits into my personal interest framework wonderfully and should provide powerful insight as to how to do this type of work successfully. I am interested in the development of the organization over time, what problem-solving you had to undertake that was unexpected, how financial and legal concerns have been navigated, and I hope generally to learn from your experience… and to be inspired by exposure to and cooperation with Maternova.


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